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[SHRIMP] Cozy Aquarium & Chill Music
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My aquarium

All donations go to the fish!

Currently saving up for a 37 gallon tank.


I just want a break from everything that's happening in the world. Plus fish are cool

Feeding Info:
Fish get fed once or twice a day usually in the afternoon or evening.

Check in during feeding time to grab some lemons!
Aquarium Info:

Size: 3.5 Gallon
Temperature: 72 F
PH: 7.1

Aquarium Stock:

1 Female Betta fish
2 Pygmy Cory
4 Galaxy Rasbora
2 Baby Guppies
1 Adult Guppy
20 Pond snails
4 Ghost Shrimp

My aquarium is heavily overstocked to give you a better viewing experience. However, I have many live plants and do weekly cleanings to maintain the tank.
New tank info:
The new tank is on the way, here's a list of things the new tank still needs:

Tank ✔️
Fish ✔️
Drift Wood❌
Fish Lore
Pygmy Cories:
(They are married)
Look for them on the big rock or resting on a leaf

Baby Guppies:
(They are best friends)
I got the orange tail one on accident while buying a couple snails. The person netting the snails scooped her up and I didn't notice it until I left the store.

Then I got the green baby guppy to keep her company.

Big Guppy:
He likes to ram his head into corners and play in the bubbles

Red Betta: She is the top fish and hates chopsticks
Fish History
The tank started out with a colony of blue velvet shrimp, 4 galaxy rasboras, and 3 pygmy cories.

When I got the snails, the orange baby guppy hitched a ride. A few days later I got the green baby guppy.

After a couple weeks, viewers had the idea to get a female glow betta. We named her Glowie and I also got the big guppy.

Glowie ate the blue velvet shrimp because they were tiny, so I got 20 of a larger species of shrimp called ghost shrimp.

One of the pygmy cories disappeared.

Then I got a red betta named Rish.

Rish and Glowie hunted the ghost shrimp for a couple months but left the dead bodies to decay which caused the water parameters to change which killed the rest of the shrimp. There could always be a few left though.

After the ghost shrimp were gone, Glowie started picking on Rish a lot. The day I split them up, Rish died.

A couple months later in January, a plant called Frog Bit really started taking off. It's a floating plant and its roots covered with algae. Glowie got stuck in the algae and died.

In march I tried to introduce a male betta to the tank but after a day I took him out because he was slightly too aggressive.

After taking the male betta out, I bought 3 baby female bettas with the assumption that by the time they needed more space, I would have the new tank set up.
Fish Graveyard
Glo Betta:
Agent Fish AKA Ms. Glowie
Cause of death: Sticky plant roots - She was rummaging through the bushes but she got stuck in the roots of a the floating plant called Frog Bit which had developed algae. She couldn't free herself and suffocated.

Red Betta:
Rish AKA Red Fish
Cause of death: Suicide - She was bullied by glowie, and temporarily taken out of the tank. She jumped out of the cup she was being kept in and died.

Pygmy cory #3:
Cause of death: ? - it just kinda disappeared one day.

Ghost shrimp:
Cause of death: Poor water caused by over hunting - Glowie and Rish killed enough shrimp that their decaying polluted the tank to the point where no shrimp could survive.

Blue velvet shrimp:
Cause of death: Glowie - 'nuff said.