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Hello I'm 23 years old And i'm from the UK
I Have autism but I don't let that stop me, I have the spirit of a tiger and I am the leader of the Tigers den, The tigers den is a place where people are welcome and safe no matter what gender, orientation, age, disabilities, please be respectful and follow the rules.
My Goals are to it every hundred (400, 500,600)
But my end game goal is to make it to Verified partner. So join me on my journey to verified partner its gonna be an adventure.
Use code: Prime to get 10% off custom
to get gaming equipment including controllers and shoes!!

*Please speak english
*No swearing.
*No spamming.
*No racist/nacist comments.
*No politics/religion.
*No bullying or picking on others in the chat.
*No hate on Mental Illness
*No self promotion in the chat
Donations are completely optional and I am grateful to all those of you who do.
I have a little game when it comes to donos:

Diamond = Two sweet
Ninigaghini = Gauntlet fist bump
Ninijet = Gauntlet snap
Every 10 Followers = 1 Spin
Every Sub = 2 Spins
Returning Sub = 1 Spin
1 Host = 1 Spin
1 Diamond = 1 Spin
1 Ninjaghini = 10 Spins
1 Ninjet = 20 Spins + open chest
Join the Bullet Club by subscribing to
Gain access to the sub chat on discord
and priority hosting for those who stream too
The cult of tears is social and friendly atmosphere where you can find people to play games with, chat or simply share memes.


As a part of the cult you will never run out of great content, as we are many streamers who all stream different games!
Here you can purchase some chest from my stream loots to make the stream more fun and entertaining at my expense.

If you wish you pay for the chests in lino that's also accepted although you will need a stream loots account so you can receive the chests and use them:

1 diamond = 1 chest
5 diamonds = 6 chests
1 ninjaghini = 15 chests
click here to see my playlist