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Hello everyone! I'm Cherry, resident K-pop stan + yt unboxer and mediocre gamer talked into being a variety streamer on DLIVE! Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the content ♥

For business inquires:
1. Be respectful, treat others how you want to be treated!
2. Please keep the type of language you use in mind, if you can't say it to someone's face don't say it on the internet.
3. This is NOT an advertising/spamming/soliciting channel. I operate on a three strike rule:
one = verbal warning
two = cool down corner (5 min mute)
three = ban
4. Engage with each other in chat please don't just spam with stickers.
5. I do not tolerate racism in any shape or form, if you say something to get attention and are unhappy with the response don't say it at all and reflect on yourself because you need to.
6. Do NOT ASK for the "cookie jar" to be opened, follow for follow, or for lemons in general. You will be ignored and if persistent eligible for a ban from the channel.
Subject to Change (EST):
Mon-Sun: 2pm to 8 pm
Earn as you watch!
The longer that you are active and watch the stream the more Petal Pieces that you will acquire!

Tidy distributes Petal Pieces every 10 minutes!

5 pieces for followers/non-followers
10 pieces for subs (when we get that sub button)

To see how many pieces you have use the command: !pieces

Interaction Perks (More to come)
!racestart (10 P) - use it when Cherry or Epik die'll probably use this one a lot.
!tiger (30 P) - use it when Tiger Parent Epik appears in chat (or when Cherry starts whining that she can hear Epik's disappointment now)
!potato (20 P) - summon the DBD potato survivors!
!fry (40 P ) - summon the DBD seasoned french fry survivors that we want to avoid :c
!toxicity (40 P) - when you want Cherry to convert to the dark side mwahahaha
!boom (20 P) -did someone say petal cannon?
!gg (10 P) - Good Game!
!goodjob (10 P) - when you think we've done a pretty good far
!hello (20 P) - when we find a sneaky survivor
!rip (20 P) - whenever one of Cherry's friends dies to save her use it
!final (10 P) - Whenever Cherry is the last to face off against the enemy its time for... THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!
!killer (100 P) - summon a Killer for Cherry to play in DBD
!survivor (100 P) - Summon a Survivor for Cherry to play in DBD
!perks (250 P) - Choose Cherry's full perk load out survivor
!swm (300 P) Subscriber only! Play a match with Cherry!
!kp (350 P) - Choose Cherry's full perk load out for killer