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Console Nation Is Live 2pm Uk ( 9am est ) Mon - Fri - After The Stream - Gameplay Recorded Offline Is Played - Grinding Gold Camos 2v2 Matches & Learning New Guns In General - Working On The Stream & Keeping Things Updated - Thanx For Watching 馃ぃ Console :)
About Me
About Me.

Q: Why did you get into streaming?

A: When I was 23 I was diagnosed with Cancer - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma & I was unable to work for years while I was having Chemo Therapy & A Bone Marrow Transplant. Gaming has always been a huge passion of mine. I started gaming hard to take my mind off the treatment So I decided to try streaming my gameplay, I am now in Remission from Cancer & I'm slowly trying to put my life back on track. I'm so thankful to still be here!!

Q: Where are you from ?

A: I was born in England UK - I have also lived in Spain & America ( America was awesome I would live there forever if I could )

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Yes I have 2 Dogs George & Henry & 3 Cats Tiggy, Scruffy & Deano.
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Everyone always asks me questions so I have 3 questions for all of you guys that watch my channel !!!

Q1: How did you hear about DLive? ( DLive is so unique im curious how you stumbled across it? )

Q2 : Which console do you play on?

Q3 : Which game types do you prefer?

Thanx For Watching!

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Stream Direct From PS4 & Xbox One Without A Capture Card?
Yas! ->

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Q: What type of games do you like to play ?

A: Wow hard question, I play all kinds of games, But my main choices are Top Quality Shooters & Games like Far Cry New Dawn, Ghost Recon Wild lands, Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat, Custom Zombies, Black Ops Zombies & Anything New !!!

Q: Which console do you play on?

A: I play on both Xbox One & PS4 - Whichever console has the DLC First or Early Access I normally buy the games for that console first!

Q: Will you be streaming the latest game walkthroughs on your channel?

A: Absolutely - gotta play those new awesome games!!!

Q: How do you stream to DLive ?

A: I use XSplit software on my PC & an Elgato HD60 Pro Capture Card

Q: What software do you use for editing videos & thumbnails?

A: I use Abode Photoshop & Adobe Premiere ( I have been learning these programs for years and I honestly still feel like a noob there so tough to learn! )

Q: Can I Stream Direct From PS4 & Xbox One Without A Capture Card?

A: Yas! ->