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Welcome to our little corner here on DLive. Here you will see us sleeping, eating, chasing bugs, making eggs, and best of all, hanging out with our pals. Our human friends’ setup this little feeder device and a disco ball that plays lovely music that makes us dance, which you can activate with Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin. All donations go directly into the stream, treats, feed, and even technology.

Our humans told us that they find it very relaxing sitting out by us and watching us run around and sing. They said they wanted to share this beautiful place with others so they could enjoy it as well and help them destress and unwind from the day. Even if you just pop in and out during the day, we appreciate you being here and that we hope we made you feel happier and calmer.
There are three eggciting ways to feed us. Send $0.50 USD in either BCH, LTC or Dash.

Sending $1 will trigger a light up disco chicken dance party.

Type !feed in chat for more details

All donations go directly into the stream, treats, feed, even technology.
We want this to be a fun family friendly stream. Our main rule is to be kind and respectful to one another and to keep the language/discussions clean so that everyone can enjoy.

Do not subject people to vulgar, sexually explicit, racist, and otherwise harassing comments.

Respect others at all times.
No Vulgarity.
No Racist or Derogatory Comments
No SPAM in the Chat
Have Fun and Keep it Positive!
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