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THE CHURCH | Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Ed. Campaign Co-Op (PS4 Pro) Live Broadcast Part 8
Divinity: Original Sin English
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Welcome Adventures and Legends!

My name is Ethan but also go by my gamer tag ELFSAR or ELF for short. I'm brand new to Dlive. I have been hearing good things about the platform. :)

I am a Canadian/American 80's kid with a deep passion for all types of games. Grew up in California with arcades & playing couch co-op with friends. Now, I am a retired part-time streamer living off the coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I am primarily a console gamer with a big focus on PlayStation but enjoy a multitude of different platforms. I even play sometimes with my wife Sar (SuperSar).

I also make content for YouTube.

Please pop in and say hello.
Adventures and Legends we are creating a community together.

Enjoy yourself while your here.
This is a place to escape the daily grind and stresses. A chill, safe place where you are allowed to express your inner geek.

English only (I want to participate)
No Racism
No Politics
No Sexism
No Trolling
No Spamming
No Self Promotion.
No doxxing of yourself or others.

Only speak respectfully about Dlive, it's staff, and fellow streamers. Be good to each other.
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/ELFSAR
instagram: www.instagram.com/_elfsar_
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/ELFSAR/
twitch: www.twitch.tv/elfsar_

Join the Discord Adventurers & Legends: https://discord.gg/hA3yJcQUv5

Time Zone (PST)
Mon 8pm - Ghost of Tsushima Legends
Wed 2pm - Overwatch

Wed 9:30 Sea of Thieves

Fri 10pm - Far Cry 5 Co-Op
Sun 2pm - Divinity: Original Sin Co-Op with SuperSar

Times are estimates. I will do my best to be punctual. If you would like real time updates request an invite to the Adventurers & Legends discord server.

Check out these AMAZING streamers if you haven't already. Great group of people. All the support and friends makes it a pleasure to stream. Much love!

BKjohnsen https://dlive.tv/BKjohnsen
BobDeBum https://dlive.tv/BobDeBum
TheCoinCaptain https://dlive.tv/TheCoinCaptain
Cr4zyKm4n https://dlive.tv/Cr4zyKm4n
DeivyB https://dlive.tv/DeivyB
Gam3rC4m https://dlive.tv/Gam3rC4m
Gil_P https://dlive.tv/Gil_P
GivesAMinute https://dlive.tv/GivesAMinute
God_o_Pain https://dlive.tv/God_o_Pain
JAITrucking https://dlive.tv/JAITrucking
Muppetmike https://dlive.tv/Muppetmike
Viperkillz https://dlive.tv/Viperkillz

Sorry, if I have missed your name here. I appreciate you all. <3 Also a big special shout out to my Co-Op partner: SuperSar https://dlive.tv/SuperSar

Well, its not really the point of why I am here. I am more interested in creating a community more than anything. Although a follow is appreciated, it means a lot more to me to be able to interact with you in chat.

Feel free to use the chat to say hello. It is kinda the whole point of this streaming thing.

That being said, if you want to help support the stream on a financial level: paypal.me/ELFSAR

20% of all donations get put into the chest each stream. Stay to the end to reap the rewards. The more active you are in chat the more lemons you may get as a reward.

It has taken me a long time to accept the fact that I suffer from adult case of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I also have a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but aren't we all a little OCD in this day and age?

I have lived with this all my life.
I find Video games actually help me to organize my thoughts, cope and have been beneficial for me to keep this condition under control. However, it has been known to make me a little to obsessive about earning trophies and achievements lol.

Always open to help with charity events and give back to the community. Inquiries can be made through my social media.
Too many games. So little time.
Games I am currently playing:

Overwatch, Far Cry 5, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Divinity: Original Sin & Gems of War