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Hello my name is Llama77. I am a gamer, announcer, editor, and graphic designer. I love to game and have been for awhile. I decided to turn that hobby into a passion. I play a lot of games but the games I play most are Apex Legends, Hunt : Showdown, and Titanfall 2 but I play a lot more! I am most known for my Apex gameplay and I am ranked 33rd in the world currently for damage done on Gibraltar.
This stream is powered by incent if you want to earn some use my referral link!
I also have my own currency on my channel. This is called Llama bucks and you can purchase some cool things with it! You earn these llamabucks by watching my stream!
My best social media is my discord! If you want to talk to the other llamas and get notified when I go live then tap the image above. You can also use Llamabucks to purchase sweet roles here!
If you want to stay updated this may be the best way. Clicking this box above will link you to my Twitter account. I update this one the most so check it out!
If you need more Llama77 content I have something for you! Clicking the box above will take you to my YouTube channel where I upload every Wednesday! I usually post Apex Legends video but I also take suggestions!
If you need some other people to check out on Dlive please consider these people. This is a long list but these people are truly awesome and are true members of the Llama Army.
This is my stream schedule :
Wednesday, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. I stream 1pm EST to 9:30pm EST on each one of those days.
There are many ways to support my work! The main way to support me is donate lemons on DLive. This includes subscribing, we have a monthly giveaway for subs! The second best way to support my work is buying some Llama77 merch. You can get some here :
This is one of the best ways as it shows your support and you get something. The next best way to support me is through incent. If you don't have an incent account you can sign up here and we can both get $5 :
Codes will appear randomly during the stream that can earn you guys some cash if you have an incent!
The last way to support my work is by watching, following and subscribing. Donating always does help me out and the stream out, but donating is never necessary.
There are a few ways to contact me if you need. I do voice acting, commentary, Apex tournaments, and graphic design. If you want to order something please message me through one of the following social medias :
Instagram : the_llama77
Twitter : Llama774
Snap : lukew.02