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Hi! Welcome!
Hi! Semeni Here! Welcome to the Stream!
This is LonelyTear's Art/Game/Chat Stream.
Here we make Pixelarts and Animations, Work on Comissions, Talk about Depression, Listen to music and play games from time to time, So please, talk to him! We love nothing more then to interact with all of you :)
Welcome! Im happy to have you with us.

Join the Cult!
"The cultists are watching.."
The Cult Of Tears is a community of streamers and those who enjoy streaming! Many wonderful people and great Oddballs doing all sorts of things, from arts to games to events, giveaways and so on.. you can find a bit if everything. Wholesome people, Madness, Memes and Pat on the back in the rough times.. All are welcome.
Donations and "Hall of Heroes" Project
Kind and Lonesome, Bela welcomes and Hugs all those who support us
"Thank you for helping us build something grand! it means a world to me.."
All the Donatrions go towards improving the stream quality!
Current Goals Cleared:
New Mic and Audio Improvement!
Better Internet Connection
Next Goal - New Monitor

Perks and Donation Rewards (Work in progress)
Lemon - A Thank you for Tasty Lemonade
Icecream - Ability to Pick a Tune/Music
Diamond - Ability to ADD Music to special "Community Music Folder"

Sub - My lovely Little Pixels get to show up in the Future Hall of Heroes project Alongside Ninjaghini and Ninjet Donors.

Ninjagnini And Ninjet - Work in Progress
Rules And Commands!
Aloe here preys on the those who break the rules...

Rules are Simple!
Dont be racist, sexist or harass people.
Dont spam if people are having a conversation.
No Self Promo.
Don't beg for Chest
Be nice to each other.. please..

Don't go for too long without consuming oxygen, Also make sure to get up from your chair and look around your room sometimes. Keep your eyes healthy.

Ember is a Fiery Dancer, hungry for fun and all things exciting.
"The Last time someone Challenged me the whole stage was set ablaze, this is MY dance!"

Games are fun and we wont be just making them, we will play them too.

Current Games Played:
Cross Code
Silent Hill 2

I made a game too! Try it, its free!

Suggestions are welcome!
Meledy here is a born singer and will manage tunes and beats during the stream!
"Please relax Enjoy the ambiance.. and remember, you are not in this alone, thats a promise"

There are well over 500+ Tracks in playlist and more are being added occasionally.
Genres/Music Folders:
Chilstep - Relaxing and Upbeat Chill
Ambiance - Eternal Peace
LoFi - Land of Mellow
ElectroSwing - Dancing Plague
Diamond By - Community made Playlist