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Different sweet alerts pop up on stream when you tip various lemon based gifts too!

Streamlabs tip animation list:

**NEW! "Betty White conjuring Alf in crystal ball!" ($19.22)**

**Featured Tips:
"Asteroid crashes into earth- biggest legit tip I've ever gotten live so far!" ($250)
"Hydrogen Bomb!" ($200)
"Atomic bomb!" ($150)
"Trek to #1; light-up starship!" ($111.11)
"Dropping a bomb on the bomb!" ($100)
"Instant Mukbang!" ($99.99)
"Kobe! His team the Lakers win another championship!" ($81.00)
"Hurt a snowflake's feelings!" ($55.55)
"Gold Bars!" ($45.99)
"Dirty Harry and his 44 Magnum!" ($44.44)
"Fireworks over magical castle!" ($40.00)
"Bought a bot- giant robot!" ($39.99)
"Guy hitting the like button at high speed!' ($35.00)
"Larry Bird with the 3 pointer!" ($33.33)
"Laser cannon from dancing guy!" ($30.00)
"Alien spacecraft beams up cat!" ($29.99)
"Troll posting anonymously with mask on!" ($27.00)
"Ferrofluid!" ($26.00)
"Buying MrBomb a cheap hooker!" ($25.00)
"Hot dog cooking in piranha solution!" ($24.22)
"The Royal Crown!" ($23.99)
"Throbbing Mushroom Tip!" ($23.00)
"Corona with lime!" ($20.20)
"Guy quits in street fight vs MrBomb!" ($20.19)
"Catfish!" ($20.17)
"Multicolored lightening turns to flames!" ($19.99)
"Darth Vader is daddy!" ($19.80)
"Latex protected tip!" ($16.49)
"Midnight fireworks!" ($12.00)
"MrRogers flicks off Younow!" ($11.11)
"Causing YouNow to lose money gift! 2 sailors shoveling cash into a fire" ($11.03)
"Halloween flaming pumpkin dragon!" ($10.31)
"Woman finds cash under pillow!" ($10)**

**Popular tips:
"You win the Internet!"- kid with computer gives thumbs up in campy 90s TV style ($1.00), "Light up Pi sign!" ($3.14), "Flaming nitric acid!" ($3.33), "You're a boss!"- dog comes with big smile ($5.00), "Mark of the beast!" ($6.66), "Roaring Lion!" ($6.90!), "Jet Transformer" ($7.77), "Close up pictures of big guy I fought with permanent scar 2 months after fight!" ($9.02), "Slot Machine!" ($17.77), "Lion from Wizard of Oz singing!" ($19.39), "Muhammad Ali dodging punches!" ($19.42), "Force choke from Darth Vader!" ($19.77), "Gandalf the wizard creates magic & says 'You shall not pass!'" ($20.01), "Dave Chappelle as crack addict doing a dance! ($20.03), "Negan from Walking Dead slams bat into camera!" ($20.16), "Flamethrower!" ($20.99), "Credit/Debit card scanner & card swipe!" ($21.99), "Striking oil & it goes up in flames!" ($22.99), "Toilet paper- getting last mega roll pack from store!" ($30.99), "Awesome looking car going through the future!" ($34.99), "Giving a check!" ($38.84), "Black hole!" ($49.99), "Dominatrix takes out whip and beats rapper 50 Cent" ($50), "Baby Yoda!" ($50.01), "MrBomb on an island getting a feast!" ($50.99)**

**Rare Tips:
"Unicorn with laser beams!" ($1.16), "Watering the green stuff/pot!" ($4.20), "Picture of my live reaction to getting the tip jar in 2016, which started my path as a professional streamer!" ($10.17), "Lucky 13 with number 13 all over; commemorating 13 yrs. of streaming!" ($13.13), "1337/LEET coin" ($13.37), "Triple cannon!" ($15), "Large pizza!" (15.99), "Morphing prism!" ($16.72), "T-Rex eating fries!" ($16.99), "Sparkling champagne & beads!" ($18.99), "Mitsubishi car with keys!" ($19.17), "Turkeys running down road with guns invading; may couple well with Turkish people invasions!" ($19.19), "Epic Carl Sagan with wind blowing through hair!" ($19.34), "James Bond- six of them- shoot the screen!" ($19.62), "Dr Strangelove guy on a falling bomb!" ($19.64), "Green Acres TV show mukbang with chickens!" ($19.65), "Saturn V rocket launch!" ($19.69), "Fred Sanford of Sanford and Sons has heart attack!" ($19.72), "Blazing Saddles Horse Punch! ($19.74), "Disco ball!" ($19.78), "Blade Runner scene; Los Angeles in 2019!" ($19.82), "Buckaroo Banzai boning chick!" ($19.84), "Miami Vice style 1980s night with moon, buildings, & palm trees!" ($19.86 tip), "Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales dives in gold" ($19.87), "Rambo blows up helicopter with arrow!" ($19.88), "ALF from TV show gets wild playing the keyboard!" ($19.90), "Jesus from Big Lebowski cleaning his ball at the last supper!"($19.98), "Leonardo DiCaprio's fun coupons" ($20), "Glitch tip! Includes clip of one of my first YouTube videos in 2006! Guile from Street Fighter does a walking forward flash kick glitch combo while a bomb with a face explodes, and HOLY S___! flashes!" ($20.06), "Joe Rogan blows smoke while wearing NASA outfit!" ($20.09), "Spanking the monkey!" ($20.11), "Hoverboard from 'Back to the Future 2'" ($20.15), "Rainbow pride flags held by hilarious dog!" ($22.00), "Striking oil and turning it to flame to get it lit!" ($22.99), "Curing coronavirus with quarantine; people on couch having loads of fun!" ($24.95), "The Sun!" ($24.99), "Treasure chest in sea with fish!" ($25.99), "High Roller Slot Machine!" ($27.77), "MrBomb in earthquake- footage of me that made it on TV - Now with actual news footage!" ($29.00), "BombCoin 'cryptocurrency'!" ($33.00), "Creating vaccine for coronavirus!" ($49.95), "Atomic cannon!" ($60), "Lets Get Lit- guest starring Shabgd!" ($63.00), "Mixer is CURSED!" ($66.66), "Pervert tip!" ($69.69), "Woman flicks cash at the camera!" ($75.00), "Kobe Bryant celebrates in fierce fashion!" ($81.00), "Instant Mukbang!" ($99.99), "Multicolored diamond" ($124.99), "Boxer punching another with high speed combos!" ($126.00), "Death Star planet destruction with green laser!" ($500.00)**

**Never before seen tips:
"Light-up Lamborghini" ($174.99)
"Dolphins in a beautiful waterfall!" ($199.99)
"Guy holding a bunch of grocery bags; my average grocery bill!" ($222.22)
"Creating a galaxy!" ($749.99 to $999.99)
"Creating a universe!" ($1000 & above)**

"Thanksgiving meal" ($11.22), "Christmas time with Yogi & BooBoo Bear" ($12.25), "Golden Easter Egg!" ($24.12)**