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Sir Jaxxy is my gaming persona and alter ego. My real name is Jeff. I have been keeping my real identity and my gaming identity separate. However, I think that is hurting me in the long run as people want to associate with other Real People.

Jeff is a husband and dad who happens to game. My wife and all 3 of our kids are also gamers. I am a web designer and graphic artist by trade. So it is logical that Jeff is the administrator for all of Sir Jaxxy's web properties. Jeff is also Sir Jaxxy's PR and Financial Manager ;)

Sir Jaxxy has been gaming for over 40 years now. Started out on the Atari VCS/Atari 2600 as a kid. Then moved to the Vic 20 when he started to program his own games. After that there was the Commodore 64, Amiega, Mac Plus, another Mac that I don't recall the name of, Custom built PC, PS1, PS2, XBox, back to custom PCs. I have also had an NES, Super NES, Genesis, Game Cube, and Dreamcast.
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I will be updating this section from time to time. For now know that I'll be playing mostly solo titles:

Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines, A Plague Tale Innocence, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Yesterday Origins, The Church in the Darkness, Moonlighter, The Blackout Club, and Unforeseen Incidents

From time to time I'll also stream Multi Player & Co-Op titles with my wife ShyBlue.

If you would like to see me stream a specific game feel free to send me a Whisper or mention it during a stream.

These are my Steam libraries:

Sir Jaxxy - Main Account

Sir Jaxxy 2 - Secondary Account
As you can tell I am an avid gamer. I love all games but play mostly RPGs, Adventure, & Survival. Though Horror games are starting to also come to the forefront of my game play. I am also not ashamed to admit I play the occasional Hidden Object Game. Yep I play EVERYTHING* ;)

Oh and there is one more thing. I have no filter, if I think it, normally it comes outta my mouth. Fair warning!

So you can pretty much find me under Sir Jaxxy everywhere LOL!

To keep it simple you can see all the platforms I stream to as well as all my social media platforms here on StreamerLinks
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Sense life and my health have to come first for now the scschedule is there is no schedule :(

I will try streaming everyday, but, no promices. All streams will be announced via Twitter. If you don't want to miss a stream be sure you follow me and turn on Twitch notifications for us!

Please let me know if you would like me to do a particular game on a given day or not. Like Witcher Wednesday.